Frequently Asked Questions


Payments should be mailed to P.O. Box 208, Emerson, NJ, 07208
Online payments may be made from Resident ToolsAccount inquiries please contact 1-800-533-7901 or email


Statements are sent each month via email or regular USPS mail.  You may choose your preferred  method by sending your request to  
If you need an interim statement or account history, you may login to your online account > HPM OWNER ACCOUNT. If you need an account statement via email or mail, please make your request to


Applications may be downloaded from the resources tab.   
Complete directions are included on the application.  Download the required document, then upload via Document Upload and pay required fee.  One completed PDF file only please.  Multiple uploaded files will be discarded.
If you are not an Owner, and need a document, you must request via the Documents tab or contact the Owner to provide using their online web portal. 
Direct all inquiries to

Meeting Minutes

You may review in person or via Zoom.  Send your request to  There is a $125 fee to view via Zoom.  Follow up questions if needed, please send to  

Building Documents

Login to your web portal account as most documents are available.  If not, please send your request to and we will add to your web portal  the next business day.
If you are not an Owner, and need a document, you must request through Resources > Documents. 


Request a certificate of insurance for your mortgage company through RESIDENT TOOLS > INSURANCE REQUEST. 

Please allow 2 business days to receive your certificate.If you need insurance declaration pages, you must request via RESOURCES > DOCUMENTS

Maintenance Requests

From our website go to resident tools>Owner account
You may use the account help center for assistance.